2022 CECC Membership Information

Hello fellow CECC members,

Happy New Year!

Recently the board met and discussed many important and imperative items.  

1. Board was presented a proposal for permitting, engineering & design, and bidding for repairs for the boat ramp area. Initial inspection of the ramp by the engineering firm recommended full replacement of the ramp to allow continued members’ enjoyment for the next 15 to 20 years. The board voted unanimously to go forward with the proposal assuming a few items are verified. Proposal value was $23,700. Estimated replacement of the ramp per engineering firm is around $160-180,000 at current prices. Permitting, surveys, and design is estimated to take until next fall with construction stipulated to start winter of 2022-23. Engineering and design will include a recommended max size boat that can use the ramp to prevent premature failure.  

2. Due to multiple questions, concerns, and feedback from the membership, the board received two proposals for replacing the current gate system. Recommendations from both companies that provided proposals and other companies that came and looked at our current system recommended a sliding gate to prevent non-warranted entry and to keep maintenance costs to a minimum. Replacement of the gate would include a new sliding gate and controls, slab at the gate area, repairs to fence on right side of the gate going in, while maintaining our current walk gate and surrounding fences. Cost for this work would be around $40,000 and would happen in spring 2022.  

3. Current finances were reviewed and our standard operating annual costs fluctuate between $25,000-$30,000. With our current annual membership of around 200 that breaks down to around $125-150 per member. At our current annual dues level, we are operating at a loss of around $25 per member without any new member fees. With annual cost increases, this is unsustainable and does not allow CECC to build any reserve for future issues. The board voted unanimously to recommend raising annual dues to $250 per year and to increase initiation fees to $5,000. The increased initiation fee does not negatively affect any current member now or in the future and is in line with similar clubs and facilities in our market.  

4. Due to recent issues and feedback from the membership, the board will be adding a paypal option to the CECC calendar for members to self schedule shelter rentals by paying a non-refundable $25 fee for shelter rental. All proceeds from shelter rental will be earmarked for shelter maintenance. Shelter rental will continue to include reservation of the dry land area of the shelter (shelter, play structure, firepit.) The parking area must remain available for boats and trailers and to allow free movement to the dock. The board requests that members please refrain from renting all weekends of the month to allow for all members to enjoy the shelter and ramp area, i.e. alternate weekends. This suggestion will be self policed at this time. Current holiday weekends will still be blocked by the board.  

5. The board has assessed the required financials and has proposed the following finances for 2022 based on the needs of the neighborhood and feedback received to date:

– Increase annual dues to $250

– Increase initiation fee to $5,000

– Special assessment to all Cooper Estates eligible lots of $1,250.00  

*All lots eligible for membership will be assessed the special assessment. If a current member decides to discontinue their membership at this time, they will have to pay the special assessment in order to rejoin CECC. If a lot currently not a member is sold, in order for the new owner to join, they will have to pay the special assessment AND the initiation fee.

– Any membership lapsed for more than two years will have to reapply for membership and pay the initiation fee and any unpaid assessment prior to rejoining CECC.  

Please give us your feedback on these financial implications. We are well aware that there is no perfect answer or scenario for everyone and have attempted to come up with a solution that works for the majority. Voting on these changes will happen January 19, 2022 at 6pm at the landing with the new fees to be initiated with the 2022 dues payment in March 2022.  

6. Annual meeting and party will take place March 27, 2022 with details forthcoming.

If you have any questions, or would like to provide feedback, please email the board at board@cooperestates.org. If you are a member of CECC, you have received this via email on file with the board.

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