Membership & Dues

Current Members – 2020 Dues Renewal

$125 CECC Membership 
(Must Provide Proof of Residency)
The annual cost of the 2019 membership is $125.

New Membership Information

$525 ONE TIME Membership Fee, $25 for Vehicle Gate Access Card & $125 Annual Dues for current year
(Must Provide Proof of Residency)

Dues are payable online with secure payment via PayPal.  If you choose to pay online, there is a surcharge that PayPal charges and it has been added to the total cost of the dues.

 We do still accept checks!  You can provide us a check at the annual Oyster Roast -or- mail it to us at:
Cooper Estates Civic Club
P.O. Box 1408
Mount Pleasant, SC 29465

Membership is from March 1st to Feb. 28th…

Yearly Membership Dues are due on March 1st…

There is a 30 day grace period until March 31st to renew membership…
Electronic vehicle gate cards are deactivated April 1st if dues are not paid.

Dues are Not Prorated
Full membership and/or dues must be paid regardless of how many months remain for the current year for a vehicle access card to be issued or reactivated.

NEW Memberships paid after Jan.1 start immediately and dues are paid in full until March of the following year.