CECC Constitution

Name of Organization

Section I.  The name of this organization shall be Cooper Estates Civic Club of Mount Pleasant, SC.

Objects of Organization

Section I.  The objective of the club will be to evaluate and join the efforts of the members, to the end that a vigorous Club is created, so as to better enhance living conditions for the individual members from a physical, moral, civic and social standpoint.

Section II.  Promotion of good fellowship in the community.

Section III.  To lead in seeing that the restrictions of the Estates are strictly enforced.


Section I.  Voting members shall be property owners of Cooper Estates subdivision and non-property owners who are residents may be non-voting members.  A property owner is that person or persons who are identified on a deed as an owner of real property in Cooper Estates subdivision.

Section II.  All members shall be of good moral character and in good standing with the CECC.  Club members in good standing are those whose membership is active in that they are owners and/or residents of Cooper Estates and their membership dues are current.

Section III.  One vote per piece of real property

Section IV.  Only residents may purchase a key to the boat landing.  Member guests are welcome at the landing, however a CECC member or other member living at the address listed above shall be present at all times.


Section I. The officers of this Club shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Their duties shall be those usually performed by such officers and they shall serve for one year or until their successors have been identified.

Section II.  An officer must be a resident property owner and a member of the CECC in good standing.

Standing Committees

Section I.  The President, upon taking office, shall appoint the following Standing Committees: Boat Landing, Membership, and Social/Communication.  Additional committees may be formed as needed for the duration of the current year, within constitutional guidelines.


Section I.  The programs and activities of this Civic Club shall be financed by such means as the members may approve on the recommendation of the Executive Committee.

Section II.  The Executive Committee is made up of the four officers and three committee chairman.

Section III.  A Club check in excess of $1,000 requires two signatures.


Section I.  By-Laws in harmony with the provisions of the Constitution may be adopted by two-thirds majority vote of members present at any regular meeting; provided that written notice of the proposed changes are furnished each member at least ten days before the next regular meeting.

Executive Committee

Section I.  The officers of the Club and the Chairman of each Standing Committee shall constitute the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee shall meet quarterly.

Section II.  The Executive Committee shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Club between its regular meetings.  It shall endeavor to direct the Club’s activities to the best interest of the Estates as a whole, and shall be empowered to gather information as to pending or possible pending issues for the presentation to the Club members at the time the Executive Committee deems proper.

Section III.  All members of the Executive Committee must be members of the Club and in good standing.

Section IV.  All matters pertaining to a policy, spending of funds, or resolutions shall not be presented for a vote of the Club until first referred to the Executive Committee, who shall then return to the Club with their recommendation.

Section V.  Five of the members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum of that body.  Action by the Executive Committee requires participation by at least a quorum of the Executive Committee and a two-thirds vote of Committee participants.

Section VI.  The Executive Committee shall recommend to the Club the election of party or parties to fill any office vacated by resignation or decides not to seek re-election.


Section I.  The Club shall hold a meeting at least twice a year as specified in the By-Laws.  Four members of the Executive Committee, plus one representative from the fifteen families on the active roll shall constitute a quorum at a regular meeting of the Club. All regular Club meetings must meet the minimum quorum attendance requirement.

Section II.  A meeting shall be held to coincide with the Spring Membership Drive and shall be designated as the Annual Meeting. The election of officers shall take place at this meeting.

Section III.  Only voting members shall be qualified to vote on, or to offer, or to second, any motion of business

NON-MEMBERS:  Discussion and presentation of views by anyone present is desired and encouraged, whether a member or not.


Section I.  This Constitution may be amended at any regular meeting of the Club by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present provided that the amendments shall have been read at the preceding meeting and a written notice of the proposed changes along with the date and place of the meeting has been furnished each member at least ten days before the next regular meeting at which the vote is taken.